Shorter Campfield: Obama Was Asking For It

Y’all, I am neither a brilliant enough feminist theorist or awake enough to give this the attention it deserves, but I point it out in hopes that you can do something with it.

That charmer Stacey Campfield, who, I remind you, can’t even locate Memphis or Chattanooga on a map, says:

And the Photo, If he didn’t want it out there then he shouldn’t have dressed up like that. It may not be complimentary but at least it was an honest non doctored photo. The same people who are screaming all sorts of stuff are the same people who completely, out and out, doctored a photo of me to paint me in a bad light.

America, I repeat, “If he didn’t want it out there then he shouldn’t have dressed up like that.”

Is it any wonder we have the kinds of legislation we have in this state?

Also: Please note how much of his post seems to amount to “whaa, the people we hate hate us, too” and “hey, people hate me and you don’t hear me whinging about it, except for right now.”

6 thoughts on “Shorter Campfield: Obama Was Asking For It

  1. Shoot — I thought he was referring to the disturbing photo where he shows off his third arm, which wasn’t Photoshopped at all. You think he’ll ever figure out that it’s not the photos that are making him look like an ass?

  2. “If she didn’t want to get assaulted, she shouldn’t have been wearing that tight skirt.”

    Same ol’ shit.

  3. I think Campy’s referring to the Dukakis rule: if you are running for higher office, never let anyone take a photo of you in a funny hat.

    It’s like, been a rule since 1988.

    Why the hell am I defending Campfield?

  4. Reckon how long Campy’s going to be holding onto the “doctored photo” war cry?

    Something tells me we’re gonna be hearing about doctored photos for a loooooong time. Heck, he might even become the nation’s biggest advocated against doctored photos.


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