The Second Hand Comcast Story

So, we were missing random channels from our cable package.  At the same time, our hippie neighbors decided to get basic, basic cable.  Whatever fix the Comcast dude had to do resulted in our channels all coming back and also appearing on the neighbors’ tv as well.

The neighbors, being good-do-bees, explained to the Comcast dude that they were now getting channels they weren’t paying for.

He went out again, looked at the cables, jiggled some things, looked again, looked at our set-up, looked at the neighbors’ set up, and declared, “Well, fuck if I know.  You both are hooked up right and so that shouldn’t happen.”

After fiddling around a while more and getting nowhere, he said, “But you’re getting the channels you want, right?” and the Butcher and the neighbors both said that they were and, supposedly, he gave them a big wink and said, “Then I’ll just trust you not to watch the ones you aren’t paying for.” and with that, he left.

4 thoughts on “The Second Hand Comcast Story

  1. When we moved here, we wanted a hookup for TV and two computers. The person who wrote the service order set us up for whatever the configuration is supposed to be for that. But when the service guy came out, he looked at the order, looked at our house, and said, “You don’t need all this. Put the one computer on a router through the other one. That way you only pay for internet access once, and it doesn’t slow the second computer down at all.” So we did, and he was right, and our bill is half of what it would have been.

  2. comcast blows, i was a contractor for them for 10 years and they just about a month ago pressured my spineless boss to lay me off because i stood up to their fireless leader the head of all subcontracting companies out of the boston system for comcast, i was verry profisional towords him but speaking up cust me my job. this is how contractors are treated like shit. expecially that spineless ass steve constevable i hope he gets investagated for kick backs he does one day.. his day will come…

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