The Tiny Cat Tries an Alternative Lifestyle

I’m here on the computer.  The dog is asleep on the couch.  The tiny cat is sitting at the dog’s food bowl, trying to eat the dog’s food.  I have drawn this illustrative picture to, uh, illustrate the problem.


And, also, may I just say, first, that I kick butt.  Look at the scientifically accurate drawing I was able to render with my right hand.  And second, damn, right handers, no wonder you’re all the time running around so fucking grouchy.  Writing with your right hand is hard.  I’ve come to believe that we lefties have shorter life expectancies because y’all, in your seething anger at our abilities to write without suffering, kill us off.

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat Tries an Alternative Lifestyle

  1. I dunno, the late Rocky used to eat dog food all the time and it looks to be about the same size. I think what he did was gnaw on it ’til it got down to a size he could deal with tho.

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