Nashville is Drunkenly Rambling?

What the heck is going on with Nashville is Talking?  It’s flooding my RSS feed with stuff and I look over there and it looks good, but there are just words, words, words and I can’t make heads nor tails of them.  It’s like a handsome, drunken Frankenstein’s monster.

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  1. I just asked Christian about this on Twitter.
    I see the same old-same old.
    I’m feeling all left out. I see know acid flashback.
    I want the Frankenstein’s monster. I’m getting none of this.
    Damn Firefox for not letting me experience the weird.

  2. Newscoma, just go to the old site and move your face towards and away from the screen until you start to get dizzy and you’ll get the basic idea.

  3. Oh, it finally came up when I got up in my usual middle of the night ramblings about the house.
    It’s like an orange Digg, isn’t it?
    For these tired ol’ trifocaled eyes, it’s a bit … umm … orange.

  4. 212 posts this morning in my feeder. I marked them all read and 5 minutes later there were 12 more so I had to take it out of the feeder. Who’s the new blogger they have? They sure are prolific.

  5. Rachel, I think you’re right and it’s fine if that’s what NiT is going to do, but then don’t turn around and shoot them into my RSS feed. I already subscribe to most of those blogs and I don’t need NiT keeping tabs on them for me, too.

    And lord knows this is funny in light of my only recent warming to Christian, but where the hell is his voice? Where’s the person who says “Yep, interesting–look here.”?

  6. Katie, you guys are cool. I love personality driven blogs like NiT used to be and Knoxville Talks.
    You know, you’d think people would realize you can hear the same music anywhere during drive time, but you pick the DJ you like the best.
    Just pontificating.

  7. It now does the same thing my feed reader does. No reason for me to go to NIT at all anymore.

    And it’s just too busy and ugly. As I just posted over at MCB, visually, it’s the kind of site that if I landed on it, I’d be there five seconds, go “ugh, yuck”, and move on.

    Too bad, really.

    I’ve still got the feed in my sidebar (UNDER MCB’s feed) and am debating on whether or not to take it out. It doesn’t really hurt anything but it’s kind of useless that way now since’s sidebar cache doesn’t update constantly, and considering the number of posts that will now be coming in since all NIT is now is an aggregator.

  8. Hmmm, Aunt B. I didn’t seem to get an email from ya about this, but glad I came across your post. I’ve been in intense meetings for the past couple of days, so I’ll get around to a lot of your questions, but emailing me concerns or suggestions on how to make it better is the best way to help.

    Are you talking about the RSS feed you’ve always had in your reader? Are you guys seeing stuff that is not supposed to be there? I’ll look into that.

    Aunt B. You asked where the voice is on the new site. It might take a trip or two to become familiar with all that is there, but my posts are right on the main page in the upper right sidebar. The RSS for my posts is: You’ll find that by clicking “more” under my post. You can use that RSS to replace your old one.

    I’ll find out why you all are getting junk from the old site.

    There is a lot there, so I made a quick video tour. You can watch it by clicking my name in this post. It’s also linked right from the main page.

    The site is not Pligg or Digg platform. Those both do allow for voting, but the new NIT does something a little different. It runs on Drupal. All the posts you see on the main page are the latest posts from the 250+ blogs aggregated. That’s basically the old NIT aggregator on steriods. When you vote, that post goes into the “Most Popular Posts” listed at the very top of the page. You can click “more” to see all of them.

    RSS is the most powerful tool on the site. The video tour will explain that very simply. Give those a try, too. There are literally thousands of RSS feeds on the new site allowing you to have an RSS feed that only sends you posts from 250+ blogs about any specific subject you can imagine.

  9. THE NIT TAG CLOUD: The tag cloud you see on the new NIT is the best way right now to see exactly what Nashville is talking about. It’s a tag cloud of all the blogs we aggregate.

    If you click any term in that cloud, you get all the posts related to that term from all the blogs we aggregate. At the bottom of that resulting page, you’ll see the RSS feed for that term. So, if you clicked “Titans,” the RSS feed at the bottom of that page will give you ever post by 250+ area vlogs that ever write about Titans.

    What this means is now everyone of you can have an aggregator on your personal blog that lists posts by blogs we aggregate based on a specific subject, or you can now aggregate all our blogs. Basically, we turned the NIT aggregator over to you. Before, the people that put together the old NIT hid the code to the aggregator so bloggers wouldn’t put it on their own blogs. We’ve unbundled it and turned it over to you.

  10. Yeah. Sorry for the delay! Had two days of bak to back meetings. I’m looking into whether we can push that feed through the old one, too. I’m just starting to catch up on what people are saying.

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