Wednesday Night TV in Brief

1.  I missed the TAPS gang so much and last night was a great episode–where you could enjoy the hunt and laugh at the shenanigans and be all “Oh, I bet that was just a cat” later.  And my crush on Grant continues.  Grant.  It’s a sturdy name.  He looks like a sturdy guy.  Sigh.

2.  Olivet and Logan were fucking?!


b.  Who can blame her?

c.  Why doesn’t anyone in my office watch so that I can express a and b to them?

See, Kids, It’s Wrong for You to Break the Law, but Not for Campfield

I know it’s confusing, but it makes perfect sense.  If you, just once in your life, did something wrong, like get brought into the country illegally by your parents or get brought here legally, but then your parents overstay their visas, you don’t get to go to college because you… I don’t know… didn’t do enough as a small child to convince your parents to not break the law.  Maybe you should have ratted them out, like you learned in DARE*.

But if Campfield wants to make an annual event of being delinquent on his taxes, which is also against the law, well, what can you do?  Boys will be boys.

(and yes, of course, Mr. “I can’t find Memphis or Chattanooga on a map, nor can I bother to follow the tax laws myself” Campfield is responsible for sponsoring the bill punishing other dangerous lawbreakers.  Politician, heal thyself.).

*Or maybe you learned what my brothers learned in DARE, which was that there was a vast world of fun drugs you might try.

I am a Little Sexist

So, I got my hair cut yesterday… by a dude.

For the first time in my life, ever.

He did a fine job, I think (though you really have to wash hair once and do your own thing to it, I think, to see if a haircut is going to work), and he didn’t give me any of that “Oh, but it’s so long.  Are you sure you want to cut it?” stuff that the women there always give me.

But, Earth, my first reaction when he was all “Come and let’s wash your hair” was “But I’m a girl!  Boys can’t cut girls’ hair.  No, no, no.”

I got over it, but it was just weird to find it there in the first place.