I am a Little Sexist

So, I got my hair cut yesterday… by a dude.

For the first time in my life, ever.

He did a fine job, I think (though you really have to wash hair once and do your own thing to it, I think, to see if a haircut is going to work), and he didn’t give me any of that “Oh, but it’s so long.  Are you sure you want to cut it?” stuff that the women there always give me.

But, Earth, my first reaction when he was all “Come and let’s wash your hair” was “But I’m a girl!  Boys can’t cut girls’ hair.  No, no, no.”

I got over it, but it was just weird to find it there in the first place.

5 thoughts on “I am a Little Sexist

  1. The best cuts I’ve ever had – and best hairdresser-customer relationships – have been with men. Preferably straight men. It’s like having a mechanic for your head. All angles and lines. No chit-chat. Lots of focus.

    I’m lucky, being curly-headed, so I’m not looking for a blow-out, style, or a color (I’m also redheaded). But yeah, my experience with male stylists has been positive.

    (TIP for other curly-haired vixens: after the cut and requisite comb out, go back to the sink and rinse the locks. It gets rid of the stray bits that cling and encourages your curls to get back together with their neighbors.)

  2. PS: long time lurker. I love your blog. And curse you for tipping me onto crazydaysandnights.

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