Wednesday Night TV in Brief

1.  I missed the TAPS gang so much and last night was a great episode–where you could enjoy the hunt and laugh at the shenanigans and be all “Oh, I bet that was just a cat” later.  And my crush on Grant continues.  Grant.  It’s a sturdy name.  He looks like a sturdy guy.  Sigh.

2.  Olivet and Logan were fucking?!


b.  Who can blame her?

c.  Why doesn’t anyone in my office watch so that I can express a and b to them?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Night TV in Brief

  1. Loved this episode!!! I, too, have a bit of a crush on Grant. I was pretty impressed that they actually deemed places haunted – that seems to be a rarity with them.

  2. SIgh, now you got my girlfriend commenting on TCP.

    Next thing you know, she’ll be bringing up third wave feminism when we go out to dinner.

    Dang you, B.

    Patriarchy Rules! Feminism Drools!

  3. Lee, I believe what you meant to say was “Hey, great. My girlfriend is reading TCP! You know what this means for a staunch patriarch like me? Lots of make up sex! Woo!” (Or, in case you’re trying to wait until you get married–not that I need to know–you can just anticipate lots of make up hand holding.)

  4. Ok, this is that ghost hunting show, right? I told Mrs Schwartz that you watch it, andI know why.
    It’s my impression that they never find anything.

    So she wants to ask you, “What is the best thing they’ve found?”

  5. You have a point B. We’ll get so passionate while making up we’re both like, “Forget the hole in the sheet!”

  6. Hole in the sheet….I have yet to remove my chastity belt….

    Actually, B, my beliefs are probably closers to your end of the spectrum than to his – so, basically, I’m a good influence on him.

  7. Ha, ha, ha. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that Lee’s got him a woman willing to exert a good influence on him. But The Girlfriend, I’m not surprised to hear that you’re more liberal than Lee. I’m not sure you could get much further to the right than him without falling off the edge of the flat earth. Ha, I tease.

    Ex, the first one is the ghost hunting show, yes. The second is a piece of scandalous gossip from Law & Order.

    They do find some stuff, but, yeah, they in general don’t find much and aren’t afraid to tell folks that they didn’t find any evidence that their places were haunted.

    For me, the things that still make me go “WTF?” are when you can see the soundman’s bag leaping up at him:

    the chair moving in the lighthouse and the weird glass breaking in the Stanley hotel.

    I can’t say that they’re ghostly things, but all three of those things seemed to me to be either elaborate hoaxes or actually weird shit that, though it’s probably not ghostly, doesn’t readily have a clear explanation.

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