My Trip to the Eye Doctor

As a part of my new effort to not just sit around and wait to fall apart, I made my way to the eye doctor today.  I have thin retinas.  And I’m getting glasses to wear when I don’t have my contacts in.

I kind of love my eye doctor.  She’s the kind of eye doctor that you can ask “How in the world did my relatives make it off the savannah?” or “And what did we do during the middle ages?”

And she laughes and says, “You can’t even see my face when I’m right here, can you?”


“Well, your family must have had other talents that encouraged folks to keep you around.”

3 thoughts on “My Trip to the Eye Doctor

  1. Actually, extremely myopic people (like you and me) have a real advantage when it comes to very close up work — it’s like wearing permanent magnifying lenses. I sew with the piece up close to my face, but making the most invisible stitches you ever have seen.

    So imagine us in the Middle Ages creating lace, or timepieces, or illuminating tiny little books. And on the savannah . . .. weeelll, maybe we picked sand or maggots or something out of the dinners. Who knows?

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