A Crochet Cooter

I had to put the Tiny Cat Pants afghan on hold for the evening (but I worked on it at the car dealership while they were changing my oil and rotating my tires, so it wasn’t completely neglected) because I’m having lunch with Rachel from Women’s Health News tomorrow and I wanted to have something to give her at lunch.

But I love it!  Maybe I’ll just have her check it out to make sure it’s anatomically correct and whoop her up another one.

Of course, I took pictures.  I’ll put them below the fold for you more modest types.




Seriously, if I were not me, I’d be so tickled by this I’d have to make out with me.


24 thoughts on “A Crochet Cooter

  1. A marvel! If women can get together and crochet a coral reef (which they are doing) then why not this?
    If you haven’t watched the film East is East, set in 80’s England, you should–and I won’t tell you why.

  2. You must tell us what Rachel does with it. Tea cosy? Desk decoration? Teaching tool? Worry stone?
    That last one makes me giggle. “Oh, she’s got her fingers in her cooter again… she must be trying to think something out.”

  3. As fabulous as this is, Georgia & I are curious about the color choices. Some variation seems cool, but the contrast is intense. Are we inadvertently learning something about you, Aunt B?

  4. That’s the only pink I have! Plus, I wanted the outside to be blue because no one is blue (okay except those few folks in Kentucky, but they say that’s fixing itself as folks marry out of the community), so everyone can think of it as their cooter.

  5. ha, ha furry yarn. that’s blue? or you wish it were blue? It’s looks very brown and peach on my screen.

  6. I know. I can’t figure out what’s going on with the Butcher’s camera. Maybe it’s because the background is blue? But that’s a dark, navy blue and a bright pink.

  7. Hmm. I could whoop that up. I believe that anyone with crocheting skills enough to make a teddy bear has crocheting skills enough to make a cooter. There’s not even any sewing involved, so you don’t have to even know how to thread a needle.

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  10. can we get your pattern for this? I want the women in my group to make one as a meditation on their yoni!!!!

  11. Hi,

    I was sent a picture of your crocheted fanny (not sure about the spelling but I guess it can’t be spelled in too many ways). Thought I should tell you I found it cute and also tell you about my stuff, namely beaded ones.. If you click on my link you’ll get there and find them among more ordinary stuff. :)

    Ha a nice weekend!

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