10 thoughts on “Because I am Secretly Twelve, I Must Tell You

  1. That has always cracked me up. I keep telling Tim that if I were that guy I’d change it.

    Likewise the fellow who sells real estate around here. His name is Glasscox.

  2. My seventh grade social studies teacher was Mrs. Blome. She was married to my eighth grade history teacher, Mr. Richard Blome. Yes, pronounced just like you think. Yes, his nickname was Dick.

  3. Arriola has always cracked me up. When I was a kid, there was a guy in my glass named Harry Dickey! : ) hehehehehehehehe talk about some giggles coming from a bunch of fourth graders!

  4. I have a better one. My friend knew a guy in Wisconsin whose parents last name was “Wacker”. And they named their son, Richard. That’s really the honest truth so when he became an adult, his “friends” call him Dick Wacker.

  5. What do y’all expect from a city that has a mayor named Dick succeeded by a mayor named Boner?

    And yes, it was all I could do to keep from guffawing and falling out of my chair every time somebody in the newsroom would mention former Mayor Fulton’s son. Who is known openly and professionally as “Little Dick.” He’s a good fellow, and that’s just WRONG.

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