War is Expensive. Let’s Just Poison Our Young People Here at Home.

So, it turns out that, after a decade of our government trying to argue that Gulf War Vets who had Gulf War Syndrome were either lying or crazy (but not in a way caused by the war in any way, no sir!) and in no need of any actual medical help or attention, it turns out that a third (yes, you read that right, a third of the troops deployed in the middle east in round one of this clusterfuck) developed health problems now directly linked to their service in the middle east.

Yes, apparently having folks swallow carbamate pyridostigmine bromide and then exposing them to organophosphates and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors is a bad idea and makes them sick, for the rest of their lives.

God damn.

I really hope the lawsuits start flying.  A third of our Gulf War Veterans treated like unconsenting lab rats and then, then, when they get home, made to feel like lying nutjob fakers?

That is inexcusable.

(But really, thank the gods for Dr. Golomb and her team, who–now that they know what’s responsible for Gulf War Syndrome–are working on ways to mitigate the suffering of people who have it.)

Edited to add:  Speak of the Devil

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