The Tiny Cat Pants Afghan Is Already in Use

My only goal for today, aside from doing laundry, is to try to either finish up the TCP afghan or get it much closer to being finished.  Because, if I don’t soon get that puppy out the door and into Georgia’s hands, the Butcher is going to steal it.

He’s already taken to sleeping under the part that is done.

He says it’s very comfortable.

I asked him if he agreed with the Professor that it was quite butt ugly (the Professor actually physically recoiled when I showed it to her) and he said that it was ugly in the way you want afghans to be ugly–ugly enough that no one will try to steal it from you.

And yet, he appears to be trying to steal it from Georgia.

3 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat Pants Afghan Is Already in Use

  1. Off topic post, but a topic you seem to care about. This incident happened in my old hometown.

    The comments are great. There are one or two people who jump in with all guard dogs are killers and should be wiped out, but they quickly get drowned out by people wondering why dogs in their own yard must be put down because a kid broke into their place. It’s 2 rotties not bullies but thought you might be interested.

  2. Oh no he di’n’t! I will cut a bitch for stealing my afghan, don’t think I won’t. I could totally take the Butcher. You know in a certain subgenre of action movies, the mild-mannered hero becomes enraged when something ineffably valuable is snatched from their grasp, and promptly wreaks unholy vengeance on the perpetrators and the audience is like, wow what a transformation? That would be how this story would go.

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