Random Things to Occupy Your Mind

Still sick.  Not better, not worse, just gross.  The Butcher said, “Wait for the puking and the explosive shits.”  I thought he was warning me, but no, it turns out that eventually, because you feel so bad, you start praying that everything in you will work its way out.  He was offering me hope.

Here’s three things I’m thinking about:

1.  I fear these guys are going to be shipped back to India at the end of all this.

2.  Mike Huckabee, I don’t want you as my president, but hat’s off to ya.

3.  Dear Mainstream Media, you suck.  That is all.

5 thoughts on “Random Things to Occupy Your Mind

  1. Stained Blue Dress Day — is that some kind of national holiday? How would we celebrate it?

    I have a holiday idea. Let’s make August 6 Unread PDB Day. Because we all know where George W. Bush was on that day — on vacation.

    Thanks, mainstream media, for continuing to focus on what’s NOT important.

  2. This is the most tragic thing I have ever witnessed, the huge fan base of millions for the King of Pop who were effected by his music,
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    The music he created had an impact on the world that we will never understand. MJ influinced so many artist, entertainers and ordinary people to grow, change and succeed.

    The memory of Michael Jackson’s life will live on forever! I’m hoping in his memory there is more peace and prosparity in the future. Below is my own personal tribute sites to MJ.

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  3. Okay, I should delete the above comment and I will as more come in. But sweet Jesus, the man hasn’t even been dead a week and already spammers are using him?

    That cracks me up.

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