An Open Letter to My Fellow Democrats

Dear Fellow Democrats,

As I’ve been sick, I’ve been perusing the internet and I’ve noticed both pro-Obama folks and pro-Clinton folks threatening that, if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination, then they just won’t vote or they’ll vote for McCain (see this letter here as an example).

I realize that tensions are running high and that we have two candidates that have inspired a great deal of loyalty.

But I have to tell you that, if you don’t get the candidate of your choice, and thus you either don’t vote or instead vote for McCain in an effort to “teach the Democrats” some lesson, you should never tell me that, because I might have to punch you.

I don’t think that either Obama or Clinton is going to be some magic cure for all that ails this country.  They’re probably not, in all honesty, going to be able to fix a whole lot.  But I’m not looking for some miraculous leader to redeem us.

I’m looking at the families of almost four thousand dead troops.  I’m looking at the living vets who come back and can’t get the medical care they need.   I’m looking at the destruction of a major U.S. city and how the Gulf Coast cleanup was left to civic and church groups.  I’m looking at gas at $3.50 or more a gallon with auto makers just being challenged to make cars more fuel efficient and not less fuel dependent.

And I’m looking at McCain, who seems to be running under the banner of being just like Bush, but more heroic.

How much more “just like Bush” do you think this country can take?

Do y’all learn nothing from history?  Remember back in 2000 when a bunch of folks were like “Oh, Bush, Gore, same shit, different day.”?  How wrong were they?

Just as wrong as you’ll be if, in your stubbornness, you give the election to McCain.

With Great Concern,

Aunt B.

At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m cursed

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever feel better. I’m determined to find something amusing out of all this though. So here’s amusing thing number one.  I call it “The Case of the Too-Convenient Hymen.”

Last night on CSI Miami we discovered that a woman hadn’t been the victim of a rape because her hymen was still intact.  And the other night on one of the Law & Orders, same thing–hymen, no rape.  Now I’m not suggesting that there aren’t twenty-something virgins in Miami or working as waitresses in strip clubs in New York.  I’m just saying that I find it hard to believe most women, either living in prime bathing suit country or working in a strip club, haven’t been using tampons.

Well, shoot, maybe that’s not that funny.