Everybody Wins (Well, Except for the Mexicans, but What Can You Do?)

I want to say something bitingly clever about the 287(g) program, but I just don’t have it in me today.  Last night, on all the news channels, they were talking about what a great success this has been, so great, in fact, that there’s now talk of petitioning the Feds to give us an immigration judge right here in Nashville, so that we can more quickly process the people who have immigrated here illegally.

So, see, everyone wins.  The sheriff’s office now has something other than coordinating bulk trash pick-up to do.  Politicians get to look like they’re doing something about the immigration problem.  People who like to appear tough on crime get to appear tough on crime.  Locals and Feds get to coordinate.  Other communities get to go back to their tax payers and say, “Hey, if we raise taxes, we can get the computers we need to be hooked in with the Feds so that we can get 287(g) here, too!”

But before we all run off celebrating how awesome this all is, I just want to point out to you two unfortunate facts:

Via Braisted: “While Hall originally predicted around 4,000 unauthorized immigrants would be detained in the first year, only 3,000 were identified as non-legal residents.”

Via Lamb: “80 percent of those processed for deportation hearings were arrested on misdemeanor charges.”

In other words, oppressing and harassing brown people may not be the boom industry it’s being celebrated as.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Wins (Well, Except for the Mexicans, but What Can You Do?)

  1. Not going to bother with a long comment due to the insignificance of this site, but if the last claim is true than 20% of the deportations were due to serious crimes. And, if you claim that enforcing our ImmigrationLaws is “oppression”, then you’re supporting completely open borders where anyone can come here at will.

  2. Yep, my site is insignificant, and yet, here you are. So, there you go. Make of it what you will.

    I claim that enforcing our immigration laws by rounding up all the brown people we can under whatever minor charges we can get them for so that we can see if they’re here legally is indeed oppressive.

  3. I found this interesting website,by accident.
    I would like to add to the idea that detaining illegal immagrants due to a minor offense is fair.
    1. These people are not living in our Country legally thus any minor offense should allow us to deport. The major offense is their legal status.
    2. I can’t see how we are oppressing these people when we send people to jail (who are citizens) for minor offenses. If we would look at the whole picture of people just coming over to our country and using our system, we will find countys, cities, states burdening with finacial issues. This to is another reason for over crowded schools, Welfare given to them just because they are human.
    I live in TEXAS, and your 287(g) program, seems like a good workable program to start to manage this nightmare we are living with.
    Good luck to all, and thanks for allowing me to comment.
    3. If we stop catering to their needs then they will leave.
    Let us look inward to our Country and fix our problems first then our neighbors.

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