9 thoughts on “Preach On, Sister Plimco

  1. I think everyone could use a stunt cooter on occasion. Can mine be in non-traditional colors though? I like green.

  2. Being a bigger guy down there (and I’m not bragging, but I am what I am), I wonder if Plimco’s ex rushed things a bit. Not being one to sleep with women, my experiences might not be comparable, but I’ve always found if I use plenty of lube and go very slowly (paying extra special attention to my partner’s reactions), there’s not really much of a problem.

    And if he was like bizarro freak-show-esque super ginormous, then there are of course all kinds of other activities that can be great fun without penetration.

  3. Dolphin, god damn it, I have never felt compelled to crown a king of my blog, but today! Today, in response to this comment, I declare you King of Tiny Cat Pants.

    I would offer to have your babies, but my time in the feminist bathroom leads me to believe that might be inappropriate.

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