Someone Stole My Cooter!

Y’all, as you may recall, I sent Rachel from Women’s Health News a crocheted cooter through inter-office mail two weeks ago.  It has yet to arrive.

I think it may be time to acknowledge that the cooter is not going to get there.

One wonders if someone in the mail room confiscated it.  Or if Rachel’s boss has it sitting in on his or her desk, unsure about how to ask Rachel why a cooter is coming to her through inter-office mail.  Maybe it’s sitting in a lawyer’s office somewhere as they ponder the sexual-harassment potential.  Maybe I should have stuck a note in there, an invoice, something to give my cooter legitimacy.

This strikes me as so funny I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

Fortunately for Rachel, as soon as I’m done with the TCP afghan, I can whoop her up another one.

But you can bet I’m going to be scrutinizing the folks in the mailroom from here on out, trying to guess which one of them is a cooter thief.

10 thoughts on “Someone Stole My Cooter!

  1. You have pictures of it! You could post signs.
    “LOST: one blue and bright pink cooter. Property of the medical library; please return.
    If you want one so bad, you can just ask.”

  2. I haven’t seen a press release come across the news desk, yet. Can’t you fax one around with photos and links to the post? If we can report on the stupid Nun Bun, then we can do one on the famous, but missing, crocheted stunt cooter.

  3. AuntB, for serious, though. I would post your press release verbatim, redacting the profanity and blacking out the clitoriously pinkness for the children. You can get the fax numbers right off the TV websites. The stunt cooter’s got nothing on the Nun Bun.

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