The Crazy, Feminist Bathroom

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the craziest thing I saw yesterday (not counting Mack’s driving, which I would like to let pass without comment, though word of warning, not much passes Mack on the interstate without comment from him, the kinds of comments that would make a sailor blush, the kinds of comments that make a girl wonder if there’s some kind of special comment training one gets in the army): a feminist bathroom at the Honda dealership.

It was large and clean and had a special stall for breastfeeding that was roomy and had comfortable seating.  And there were two framed posters–one full of all the financial ways women kick butt, how much money we make, how we control the financial decisions in most households, the loyalty we exhibit to car dealers who treat us fairly, etc. and the other a long manifesto about sexual harassment and how everyone who works at the dealership should deal with it and not stand for it and how everyone should feel secure in knowing that they never have to tolerate unacceptable behavior in order to keep their jobs.

It was pretty wild.

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