Random Things I’m Keeping an Eye On

–The “For Rent” sign that went up in front of the neighbor’s.  I’ll be curious how long it takes our landlord to fill the place.  I’m sure the house on the corner is still empty, though that “For Rent” sign has been gone since the last storm.

My absence from the Pith in the Wind blogroll.  Is it because I haven’t shaved my legs in a week and a half?  Is it all the cooter talk around here?  What?

–The storm door that is still resting against the side of the house.

Harold Ford Jr.

3 thoughts on “Random Things I’m Keeping an Eye On

  1. Well damn! Liz had added me on there a few weeks ago…now I’m gone, too! So is Mack.

    We must’ve fallen off of the coolness-o-meter.


  2. I have no case to make, sadly. I am uncouth and irreverant and largely irrelevant, but damn it, I’m cute! Doesn’t that count for something?

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