Sunday Kind of Litter

Nashville, here are the things I found just laying around our city today:


God, I hope my rosemary looks that good someday.


Yep, let’s all go to the top of Tim’s cave and litter.  Nice.


Here I am at the corner of 12th and Wedgewood.  If you look straight ahead, you can just see the top of the Batman building.  Can I really be that high up?


Presbyterians, I have some bad news about what your church has done with your Easter cross.


Except for the whole littering thing, it looks cool, still, though, I thought.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Kind of Litter

  1. The nerd in me wanted to figure out your Bat Building problem. The elevation difference between Wedgewood/12th and the base of the Bat Building is about 160 feet (according to Google Earth). The curve of the earth adds another whopping 2.65 feet (according to my mad trig skillz). So elevation difference/curve of the earth is not accounting for the seemingly high view of the 617-foot tall Bat Building from your vantage point.

    Not until I had completed the calculations did I look closely at the picture to determine the cause of your blocked view. The apartment building at Edgehill/12th in the way is about 10 stories and makes it look like you are higher than you are.

    Now I can go to bed.

  2. DB, I’m taking the crown away from Dolphin and giving it to you. You are King for the Day here at Tiny Cat Pants. It’s just one of those honorary honors, without any real power or benefit, but you deserve it. You even accounted for the curve of the earth. That’s amazing.

  3. Ahh, but, assuming that the bat building is built perpendicular to the point of earth it sit on, wouldn’t the curvature of the earth drop the apparent height of the bat building even more as it’d be leaning away from B’s vantage point ( \ instead of |)? Or is that what you are talking about and I just missed it because I don’t have mad trig skilz.

    I dunno, just trying to win the kingship back ;-)

  4. Nope. I’m sorry folks, but I’m taking away DB’s kingship and giving it to Malia. That comment is perfect–funny, slightly naughty, and makes me glad to know there are marriages like that in the world. All hail King Malia!

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