Looking at Old Things

Oh, I forgot to tell you why we were at the Presbyterian church.  So, see, as you know, there’s not really a “Battle of Nashville” historic battlefield of any sort, because we put houses on it.

But the city (or maybe the state, I forget) has been given this tract of land, with a house and some outbuildings and a couple fields, which is a big swath of land in town that is just how it was back when the battle was fought.

And I just wanted to get a look at it.  Se we went to the church next door.

But it was pretty overgrown and there wasn’t really any good way to get a look at it.

But I want to see it!  How can I make this happen?

6 thoughts on “Looking at Old Things

  1. Tuck your socks into your pants, put on some high boots, and carry a big ol’ stick — better do it quick or the springtime growth will overtake you further.

    This doesn’t look so bad, as intrepid historical adventuring goes. You should see what one has to go through to get the Judith Sargent Murray’s grave.

  2. well, and there was that one time we almost got killed (okay we might have just been arrested but what would have happened to Mrs. Wigglebottom is a question) for trespassing – and that was accidental

    and there’s the fact that there’s not only 1 fence but two, on the church side, and one of them is rusty, old barbed wire

  3. Ha, could you imagine? It’d be bad enough trying to get me over the barbed wire (and I think we both can guess how poorly that would have gone), but sending Mrs. Wigglebottom over it? I can’t even imagine.

  4. well, I think we would have sent her under it. But, yeah the three of us would get caught for sure. not sure if the laughing or the bleeding would be the first alert to others.

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