Pictures of Invisible Chairs

Hey, look what came via email.



I wonder if they make see-through yarn… I could totally whip my friend up a see-through afghan to go with his see-through chairs.

8 thoughts on “Pictures of Invisible Chairs

  1. Holy cow! I’m totally asking him if he’s got that stuff in his office. He probably does, whereas, if my office furniture even gets damp, it wilts.

  2. Are those supposed to be the ergonomic chairs? They don’t look particularly comfortable.

    Sigh. What looks like plastic on those chairs is actually something called “pliable compound.” It molds itself into what ever shape the person sitting in it possesses, and, even more cool, it reads your body temperature and heats or cools itself to maximize your sitting comfort. It absorbs your body’s sweat and periodically releases the moisture into the dry office air, acting as a sort of humidifier. Also, the compound absorbs and transforms static electricity so that one need only have their cell phone or laptop on them and they will fully, safely, recharge.

    I’m getting tired of educating you people.

  3. Speaking of see thru yarn; did you get the yarn I left for you at Sarcastro’s house? I have a great pattern for dolls you can send servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan to give to children.

  4. Not yet. I’ve been sick and when we tried to get together on Friday, he forgot it. But I’m dying to see it and see what colors there are.

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