Two Things, Er, Three Things. Wait, four.

1.  If I ever need to give someone a look of any sort, I’m totally hiring Katie’s baby to do it.  Take a look at these pictures.  We have “I will tear your head off,” “Um, maybe you shouldn’t wear that in public,” “Is that Lee Greenwood or Ray Stevens?” and “Let us never speak of this again.”  I could make good use of any one of those looks.

2.  Isn’t Fleetwood Mac, at this point, just a Fleetwood Mac cover band?

3.  One last Google Street Map view.  If you lived at the old zoo, you, too, might have a bear cave in your front yard.

4.  Ha, ha, Ex, your governor’s an idiot.

9 thoughts on “Two Things, Er, Three Things. Wait, four.

  1. You’d be amazed at the people I’m voting for in the next election. I’ll have to go with a D ticket since all the Rs are Biblethumping morons. Sonny is Thumpiest moron of them all.

  2. I hope you smacked his bottom as he turned to go get you some coffee.

    It’s wrong to oogle other women’s husbands, but Ex has a butt worth smacking.

    Ex, I couldn’t find it again, but I read this morning that he’s opposed to Sunday liquor sales because he doesn’t want people drinking and driving on Sundays. Apparently, he’s unclear on the concept of people buying alcohol on, say, Tuesday and saving it until Sunday to drink and then go out driving.

    I mean, I appreciate that drinking and driving is a problem. I just don’t understand how not letting folks buy liquor on Sundays solves that.

  3. His stupidity knows no bounds.

    The driving part is the punchline. We can drive to a bar and drink ourselves to oblivion, then drive home, but we can’t stay at home and get tight, thereby not endangering the precious children.
    He’s danced around one pathetic excuse after another, but the bottom line is that it’s the Sabbath (according to some) and despite the water/wine thing, Hey-soos don’t like no drinkin on the Sabbath, unless it’s in an establishment which derives at least 50% of its revenue from food.

    It’s in the Bible somewhere.

  4. And never mind that Yeshua bin Yoseph could have drunk all day long on Sunday, if he wanted to, and he wouldn’t have been violating any prohibitions about drinking on the Sabbath.

    But I doubt even your governor is stupid/brave enough to try to outlaw liquor sales on Friday night.

  5. Not to mention that there is no prohibition of drinking on Sabbath. In fact, the kiddush after morning services includes alcohol, though I guess one could get by with grape juice if pregnant or taking certain medications.

  6. Four things:

    1: I had no idea until just now that Lindsey Buckingham was the guy who did Holiday Road from Family Vacation. Great song. Bad makeup in the video.

    2: I so want to have sex with a young Stevie Nicks. Truth be told, I’d settle with no hesitation whatsoever for the current Stevie Nicks. But a young Stevie Nicks? Grrrr.

    3: Christine McVie has an underrated, but absolutely beautiful voice.

    4: Do you mind if in the near future I borrow your Mrs. Wiggglesbottom video on who’s always right and on what people should do. I’d be all, “Pretend I’m a feminist with dark curly hair, and do what the dog says.” I have a feeling it could be helpful.

  7. Lee, a.) just don’t try to pull that Mrs. Wigglebottom stuff on your girlfriend. Otherwise, of course.

    B.) Why, look at these whimsical, long, flowy skirts I’m wearing. How did these get here? And the lyrics to “Rhiannon”? Where did those come from? Maybe I’ll just randomly put on this flowy skirt and recite, in a husky voice, these lyrics.

  8. Being a midwesterner, I thought you’d be interested:

    Only three states don’t allow Sunday sales: Connecticut, Indiana and Georgia.

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