Random Things that Don’t Fit Any Theme, Really

–Well, as long as it hurts those illegal immigrants, I’m fine with not having tomatoes or pumpkins or or farms or jobs.  Food’s overrated anyway and jobs?  They just get in the way of prime laying-on-the-couch-being-hungry time.  And, hey, it’s not like locally grown food is better than food grown elsewhere.

I cannot read the answers to this post!  I just have little boxes.  How will I therefore know which medieval things are true?  Were there dog-headed monster/men in Scandinavia and were they eligible for conversion? (I’m begging both were true; fingers crossed.) (Yes, I’m a nerdy egg-head.  Whatever.) (And what I’m really dying to know is what the religious practices of the dog-headed people were.  We can call a being with a dog head a person, right?  I’m going to.)

–The thing about reading bloggers that I really love is that you get a sense of a person’s internal map and sometimes, when you are struggling to figure out how to unfold and up-right yours, you read something that is soothing to you–that lets you know that your map, too, unfolds and shows a landscape worth moving through.  That’s how I felt about this post, this morning.

5 thoughts on “Random Things that Don’t Fit Any Theme, Really

  1. The answers looked like little boxes to me until I followed the link to the ‘Flip’ website and pasted them in.

  2. I even got snarked at by the Got Medieval dude! Is this the greatest moment of my life or what? The only thing that could make it better is if I knew enough about the Dog-headed Scandinavians to get into a fight about whether they can be converted to Christianity.

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