The End is Near!

I’m putting the border on the Tiny Cat Pants afghan as we speak and I must tell you that, somehow, the TCP afghan has ended up being both shockingly hideously ugly–I’m talking breath-takingly ugly, unapologetically ugly–and the most awesome afghan I’ve ever made.  This is an afghan that demands you throw it over you while you’re eating popcorn and watching cheesy movies, an afghan you know you can count on when you’re feeling sick, an afghan that will hold and warm a pile of puppies or make a cape for a kid.

I just really like it and though I’m glad to see that the end is within sight and the Professor assures me that Georgia is absolutely the perfect person to understand the charms of the world’s ugliest afghan and to enjoy it for the kitchy mess it is, and I am thrilled to give it to someone who will love it in all its radiant ugliness, I’m going to be a little sad to see it go.


7 thoughts on “The End is Near!

  1. I love exuberantly ugly!! after all my style icons are Helena Bonham Carter and Mary-Kate Olsen. I think I will love and cherish the afghan and I am excited to see it. Then I will doodle on all my notebooks GLH + TCPA = LUV 4EVR.

  2. Heh, that’s funny. Someone told me today that the world would end in about 2 weeks, and I thought that’s what this post was about. Apparently she’d been reading this book.

    Well, at least you have a warm afghan to take with you into the afterlife …. unless, where you’re going, you won’t NEED it!!!!


  3. Jim, I hope Georgia will use that phrase–“an expression of folk art exuberance”–when her law school buddies ask her about it. That’s hilarious and great.

    Georgia, it’s for sure Mary-Kate Olsen.

    Southern Beale, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  4. Jim, I will passionately defend Mary-Kate Olsen…I mean, think about it. Here’s this child star who’s next thing to a Disney project and seemed to show every sign of becoming at best, Hilary Duff (forgettable blond) and at worst, Lindsay Lohan (whom I love for reasons strictly related to red hair, but who is crazy and not very interesting at the same time).

    So does Mary-Kate take the path to moderate craziness or boring hottness? NO! She completely says “fuck it” to all semblance of existing notions of what’s fashionable or tamely nice, adopts a damn Bag Lady as her style mentor, and crafts this whole new realm of crazy…and by crazy, I mean, crazy-AWESOME. I love Mary-Kate and if I were thin enough to afford packing 40 more lbs on with the layers (and rich enough to make dumpster-diving look ironic) I totally would dress like her. As it is, I can only admire from afar what people can do when they really, truly, put their minds to being crazy. It’s like an American success story, bootstraps and all, but with a twist ending.

    I don’t need to defend HBC–she is what she is and has been for years.

    In conclusion, I can only say that, if my afghan in any way conjures up images of the Mary-Kate brand of crazy, I will be dancing for joy for, like, weeks.

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