Quick Things

–I have a huge crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson.  In fact, I cruise the Science channel and the History Channel just hoping he’ll be on and being all like “I don’t care if they redeclare Pluto a planet.  It’s not going in my museum!”  Anyway, if it turns out that he’s secretly a huge dick, please don’t tell me.

–I’ve been invited to a seder dinner, which, it turns out, much to my Protestant-upbrought surprise, is not on a Thursday night.

–Anyway, I am to bring a salad with bitter greens in it.  Any ideas?  Does baby spinach count as a bitter green?  Because I love some baby spinach.


8 thoughts on “Quick Things

  1. I gotta say that if you take a trip to Dr. Tyson’s museum, you will end up with a crush on the whole thing and on every single item in it.

  2. Bitter greens? Wouldn’t that be Nader voters after 2000?

    (Yes, that was lame.)

    Seriously though, would turnip leaves count as bitter greens? They’re good in a vinagrette.

  3. Arugula! Arugula! If elaboration is permitted, try with a sweet vinagrette and strawberries (if they are in season yet in TN).

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