I Learn the Hard Lessons So You Don’t Have To

When making a bitter green salad for people, keep in mind that Romaine lettuce is pretty tightly packed in there and compressed a great deal by the twisty.  Not only is one head enough, it’s probably not necessary to find the biggest head you can find, nor to fret about whether you’re going to need two.

You’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “I Learn the Hard Lessons So You Don’t Have To

  1. The good thing is that it was so much lettuce that even after dropping a great deal on my floor and then more on NM’s floor, we still had more than enough. She had to find her most gigantic bowl to put it in because you couldn’t get tongs in my bowl without expelling more salad.

  2. We are kindred spirits, Aunt B.

    Someone I was dating (and feeding) once nicknamed me The Absolute Empress of Too Much.

    For better and for worse, it’s true. : )

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