A Post Perhaps Too Meta

Two things before we get started.  1.  I swear, Katie, I am not stalking your baby, but I’ll admit that I do have this fantasy in which your baby and Bekah’s baby get together and I get to watch and laugh like an idiot.  2. Up front I’m just going to say that using babies from one site (not your own) to illustrate a point you’d like to make on another site (not your own) is perhaps the most self-indulgent ridiculousness I’ve ever asked you to endure, especially because I’m not going to post the pictures here, so you’ll have to go look at them and then come back here and read my witticism, but god damn, it cracks me up, so fair warning: I’m laughing.  You may not.

It’s like Olbermann’s puppet theater, but with babies.

So, if you will, please, go read Mack’s post and then consider these babies.

Mack will be played by the bald baby and I will be played by the baby with hair.

First picture:

Mack: Waaa, the economy sucks and soon we’ll all have to live in a hippie commune with no tv or radio or even the internet and I’m too young to go the rest of my life with getting to play drums on Rock Star again!

B.: Don’t worry, crybaby.  It won’t be that bad.  You’ll still find things to entertain you, like this toy and me.  I’m entertaining.

Second Picture:

Mack: Okay, that does soothe my fears.  And I might be able to derive some nutritional value out of this toy when grocery prices skyrocket so high we can’t afford to go to Walmart.

B.: What?  I’m supposed to cry over not getting to go to Walmart?

Third Picture:

Mack: Hey, pretty baby.  Want to take a peek at what I’ve got under my skirt?

B.: I can’t help but think that the very texture of this text gives us some keen insights into the socio-political symbolism inherent within.  See how the patriarchy dresses up its most vile ideas in the soft comfort of a book with no hard edges…

Fourth Picture:

Mack: There are eight inches on this inch worm… You know what else around here has eight inches?

B.: Knock, knock!  Is there anyone home in there?  I’m trying to talk to you about the important topic of patriarchal oppression.

Last Picture:

Mack: You mean like when some patriarch comes along and steals all your toys, like this?

B.: Um, yeah.

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