Have I Already Ruined My Jalapeno Pepper Plant?

Am I overwatering?  When I got home from work today, both the bell pepper plant and the jalapeno were drooping and kind of wilty looking.  And the jalapeno had black spots where the branches, you know, branch out from the stems.

So, I didn’t water them and they appear now–I just went out and checked because I am a giant nerd–to be perking up, so maybe I did over-water them.

But I feel like I have such emo peppers.  Soon they’re going to be listening to bands with boys who wear too much eyeliner and moping around their bedrooms talking back to me under their breaths.  What can I do to appease them?

And, and, to make matters worse, my feverfew and my chamomile are just like “Oh, we’re tiny.  We stay tiny, don’t mind us.”

Folks, do you know what chamomile and feverfew are fancy-talk for?  Weeds.  I’m some how failing to grow weeds.

On the other hand, my lavender is finally taking off like a mad-plant and the sage and rosemary are delightful.

11 thoughts on “Have I Already Ruined My Jalapeno Pepper Plant?

  1. patience grasshopper – perhaps they are getting too much/little sun?

    On another note, actually, my dill is doing the same thing – however, the squirrels dug in it and, I think, f**ked up it’s feng sui.*

    *interesting tidbit to rid your plants of squirrels – either pour piss on/around them or put human or animal hair around them – heard this from someone who swears by it. Have not tested this theory for myself, but will keep you posted – (with your menagerie of animals, I imagine you’re covered – at least in the hair part)

  2. I think you’re probably right about the overwatering. Peppers like well-drained sandy soil. This year I have an Anaheim and a serrano, and they seem to both be thriving on being watered briefly every other day, despite the hot and dry desert weather. If it rains at all where you are, you probably don’t need to water them at all.

  3. Beth: Something dug up one of my tomato plants. It’s either squirrels or lizards, and I’m betting on the squirrels. There seems to be a lot of human hair about my house, I’ll give that a try.

  4. Peggy, note, i have NOT tried this…. I was only told this advicet this afternoon – however, I have a plethora of cat hair around here and will be conducting my own non- controlled scientific experiments in the yard around my herb garden. Will keep you posted.

  5. Overwatering sounds likely. I have to ask, though: why are your posts suddenly showing up with links to “possibly related posts” on other blogs?

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  7. on May 14th, 2008 I planted a jalapeno, a cayenne, and a habanero pepper plant and watered them. A day later they were wilting. They are in a garden with other plants that need more watering in their early stages. Hope I didn’t kill them.

  8. Hey Mike I am having the same Problem. I started my Jalapeno, Cayenne, and habanero pepper plants in the start kits and finally transplanted them outside in my garden. They get watered plenty and there is no bugs or insect destroying them because they have only been planted a day. The pepper plants started drooping and acting real weak after a 5 to 6 hour bout with the Sun yesterday. I watered them last night at the roots of the each Pepper plant and they haven’t perked up yet. I am totally unsure of What else to do besides wait and see what happens. I would hate to have these plants die as I woulda wasted a crapload of time tilling the ground and prepping the area to plant them. Any Advice from Anyone would be very much appreciated for me and Mike!

  9. hello my pepper plants not only have the dark spots on there branches but also on the peppers them selves what is this or how can i fix it has been out in the sun i dont think im over watering but not sure please help

  10. my pepperhas lot and lot of black spot there almost all black can somebody tell me why???

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