Can This Pork Roast Be Saved?

Clearly, though, the most pressing matter in Nashville this morning is whether I can salvage this pork roast. 

Here’s what I’m trying:

The end of two ketchup bottles floating around in the fridge

Generous dash of Worchestershire Sauce

Big squirt of yellow mustard

End of a jar of bbq rub



Chili powder

Heap of brown sugar



Sauce pan

Bringing it slowly up to hot.

We’ll see how it goes.  The BBQ sauce ended up unlike any other BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted.  The Worchstershire sauce and the yellow mustard and the vinager from the ketchup is a little too strong for my tastes, but I’m hoping that bringing it up slowly to hot will mellow those flavors and let the other flavors come forward.  Right now, it’s almost like a Sweet and Sour sauce with a Texas kick.

Updated to Add:  Oh sweet and tender Jesus, I have fixed the pork.  It’s so delicious.  Yes, I burnt my boob in the process (don’t ask), but it is so good.  So, so good.  I should have written that recipe down exactly and sold it.

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  1. What Missus and Lee said. Also, I added braised scallions to some mashed potatoes last night, and I can recommend that as well.

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