Bridgett, Speaking of Weird Dreams

So, I had this dream last night that I found myself in possession of a good occult shop in an old building with good high ceilings.  The only thing wrong with it is that the walls were a bright yellow-orange.  So, I’m standing there and a guy comes in, kind of crouched down, and dancing, wearing a wooden mask that almost looked like a lion’s face, somewhere between a human and a lion’s face, with long grass coming off it for a mane.

He pulled the mask off and stood before me and asked me what I thought of the place.  I said that I liked it, but I imagined that I would want to put some more cabinets along this wall and that I definitely wanted to repaint it because the orange made it too cheery.

And he seemed displeased by that.

He didn’t say that I should leave it how it was, but that was the implication.  Instead, he said, “We gave this to you” or “We got this for you” and he motioned to the back door where a shadowy man leaned up against the doorframe.  I could just make out a top hat.

Something about realizing that the two of them were in the room together with me freaked me out so bad that I startled awake.  It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was like a nightmare in that I was left with a lingering feeling of not being sure if I wanted to go back to sleep.