Were There a Lot of Soldiers Living with Open Sewage in the 50s?

So, apparently the folks in the 82nd Airborne returned to Fort Bragg after being in Afghanistan for 15 months and were given moldy, sewagey, paint-peeling crap to live in.  As if that’s not bad enough, read this and then come back here and tell me that, while Brig. Gen. Dennis Rogers seems to have a good grasp on how serious this is–“We let our soldiers down, and that’s not like us,” Rogers told reporters. “We let our soldiers down. That’s not how we want America’s sons and daughters to live. There’s no good excuse for what happened.”–, doesn’t it seem like the spokesman for Fort Bragg, Tom McCollum, is making it seem like the soldiers are just bitching like soldiers do?

“Are soldiers happy with living in the Korean War-era barracks? No,” McCollum said. They do not meet the expectations of today’s troops, although the Army has done what it can to improve living conditions, McCollum said, speaking by telephone from Fort Bragg.

“Today, no matter how hard we try, we can’t put enough lipstick on this pig to make it more pretty,” the spokesman said. “So are there soldiers complaining? Yeah.” He said they’ve been complaining for decades.

And I hate to ask a dumb question but, if we’re spending over six hundred billion dollars a year on the military, where is that money going? 

I mean, seriously, we can’t do any better by our soldiers than this?

Good god.


13 thoughts on “Were There a Lot of Soldiers Living with Open Sewage in the 50s?

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  2. Oh you whiners. Whah, whah, whah, we went to war in our day and it was hard and our own government poisoned us and refused to acknowledge it for years and it even made some of our kids sick and we had to live with open sewage and we liked it.

    Y’all must be a ball down to the VFW.

  3. Missbethd beat me to it. Let’s see if the mainstream media picks up this story. Will a reporter even ask McCain about it?

  4. Well, soldiers have been complaining for decades. It’s one of the things they do to kill time. My father, my two youngest uncles, and my father-in-law, to name only those closely related to me, could all go into a litany of complaints that would last for hours if you got them started. But the thing is … the complaints all had substance.

  5. On a big exercise outside Camp Lejeune (I think it was. Whatever) we were housed in WWII/Korean era barracks. Complete with substandard plumbing. When a complaint was forwarded to the officer in charge, we were told that we should be ashamed for complaining about sewage as those barracks were of historic importance.

    They were the barracks where Negroes were housed prior to the integration of the services.

  6. Know and believe: that soldier, currently a sergeant, will be a specialist or even a private within the month. The brass don’t like to be embarrassed like that. Those barracks aren’t the worst ones on post, either.

    All that lovely money we spend on the military? Goes to Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, and (mostly) Halliburton.

    A small stroke of luck – Hillary Clinton was in NC recently to campaign, and has promised an investigation. Perhaps that kid won’t lose his stripes after all.

  7. Exador, I believe what you meant to say is that McCain would call his wife a cunt, throw a fit so enormous even seasoned politicians are shocked by it, say whatever he thinks Bush would say under the same circumstances and the the media would spin it as “McCain laughed it off.”

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