Don’t Do This

When your brother’s funky deformed cactus falls off the window ledge, just let it fall.  Do not reach for it.


Do not attempt to catch it with your bare hands.

What kind of idiot would do that?

Also, I should point out, that the same advice holds true for all cacti.  Unless you are doing some weird fraternity hazing, there is no reason to ever try to catch a falling cactus.  And for sure, do not put it in your pocket.  Why would you even need a cactus on a rainy day?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Do This

  1. Haha, TheBoyfriend™ did that once. He had a cactus in his window sill and it fell and he instinctively tried to catch it. He’d agree with you: baaaaad idea.

  2. Thanks, and now for my own sage advice (as I learned the other day): don’t try to take a pan from the oven bare handed.

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