Republican or Democrat, You Decide

If you had to guess the party of the person who said the following, who would you guess?  (No fair playing, folks who also read Shakesville.)

”Unless you ovulate or have ovulated, we have no business as males interfering with your female decision on reproduction,” King said. ”A woman making a decision that she wants to abort, that decision should be honored.”

Weren’t we just the other day talking about how we Tennesseans can at least count on Florida to be stupider than us?  Indeed, has the world gone topsy-turvy?

12 thoughts on “Republican or Democrat, You Decide

  1. We’re just trying to lull you all into a false sense of security by acting all reasonable-like. Wait ’til November; we’ve planned acts of deliberate election shenanigans and casual voter incompetence that will make 2000 look positively Canadian.

  2. I’m filing this one under the category of Pleasant Surprises. It does give me hope.

  3. Yeah, and FL turned down the cross-and-“I Believe” license plate, too. IC, what good thing are y’all putting in the water there this week?

  4. > IC, what good thing are y’all putting in the water there this week?

    The Christians don’t want to be compared to Rev. Wright. The Republicans don’t want to be compared to W. The dyed-in-the-wool Southerners don’t want to be compared to Mr. Cooter. Dammit, where have all the *positive* racist, sexist, batshit-crazy role models gone? We can’t let the crazy flow freely until we know how it’s going to be spun.

  5. Are you a Republican or Democrat?
    Family is important part of your life
    Opposed to abortion
    Married or expect to be
    Own a business or would like to
    Save, invest in the stock market
    Support tax cuts
    Strong support of the military
    Believe in peace through strength
    Long sentences for convicts
    Religious faith
    Sports, particularly Nascar, baseball
    Against drug legalization
    Don’t swear or use profanity

    Support gay rights
    Support for abortion
    Marriage isn’t important
    Favor government financial assistance
    Support tax increases
    Distrust of the US military
    Wanting peace through appeasement
    Believe in second chances for convicts
    Secular, religion isn’t important
    Movies, particularly adult rated
    Use of illegal drugs acceptable
    Use of swearing and profanity acceptable

  6. Wow. There is someone who actually believe this nonsense is a contribution to a discussion?

  7. Well, but really: how do I choose between having family an important part of my life and supporting gay rights? And what’s with the dichotomy between “married or expect to be” and “marriage isn’t important”? I can think of a lot of people to whom marriage is supremely important who don’t expect to marry (cough, gay rights, cough). And I neither own a business nor am anti-business — that sort of administrative entrepreneurship isn’t in my personal skill set, but I sure respect those who have it. And I both invest part of my salary and support gov’t financial assistance. And so on. I mean, these choices are just dumb. But above all, as B points out, baseball.

  8. wow ~ oh wow so what is Rheay — Democrat or Republican? Who would fit in one or the other….

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