Cold, So Cold

I’m so sunburnt and I’m covered in horse snot and I have “Mahhhehehed” myself to scratchy-throated exhaustion and I had to throw a man at his children in order to protect myself from them and I am happy.

The horse came right up to me and did that deep breath horses do when they’re trying to see if you’re still the same girl they thought you were, and then he put his nose right in the crook of my neck and kind of nuzzled me and then–pbyrbhtybpt–horse snot all down my neck and my shoulder.  That tickled me so much, I can’t even tell you.

NM and her charming husband were there to witness it and to help me make my case for how awesome sheep would be.  They seemed less excited about a tiny burro.

And I introduced kids to Ninja Warrior and they loved it.  Which pleased me.

I wonder if we have some aloe around here.

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