What Girls Can Do That Boys Can’t

Okay.  Put a chair on the floor near the wall.  Put your head against the wall.  Pick up the chair.  Now, without moving or lifting up your feet, stand up.

Now, answer me this.  Why can women do this and men can’t?

35 thoughts on “What Girls Can Do That Boys Can’t

  1. Women have a lower center of gravity. This allows them to fairly freely move the upper portion of their body while keeping the lower portion centered. There are a few guys who can do this chair-lifting trick, but it’s usually guys who’ve engaged in a fair amount of martial arts training, or some other similar workout regimen that encompasses core body strength, rather than the strength of limbs only…which is, let’s face it, what a lot of predominantly-male sports focus on.

    Or was this a rhetorical question? heh.

  2. No, it wasn’t a rhetorical question. I really didn’t know. I was just stunned to see it in action and wondered why it was so.

  3. In Tae Kwon Do when I was 11 or 12, I went to a Saturday workout and found the group leader employing this trick with all of the guys who’d shown up. I arrived at the same time as another woman, and the guys were like, “Let THEM do it! See if they can!” Apparently the group leader was the only guy who could do it, and the men felt like they needed to get their manhood back or something – they figured that the group leader could only do it because he’d practiced for years and years or something, which is ridiculous.

    Anyway, the other woman and I were asked to lift the chair, and we did with no issues, much to the amusement of the group leader, and to the embarrassment of the other guys in the group. Then the GL came clean and explained the difference in the center of gravity.

    This is also a fun party trick. Especially when there’s drinking involved.

  4. I’m not sure I understood the directions correctly, because I’m having a hard time imagining how that could be hard for anyone to do.

    However, I can tell you that in the standing up part, there was some lever action involved using my center of gravity as a counterweight. Perhaps even a small change in the distance of the center of gravity from the hip joints would so displace the strain that a trivial task becomes difficult because all the large joints are in the wrong place relative to the loads.

  5. the instructions have me completely confused. at what point, if any, am i supposed to be sitting on anything?

  6. wonder if this will cause the other men in your area to declare your husband some kind of god-king…

    Or, you know, a woman. ;)

  7. I just went and tried it again. Holding the chair moves my center of gravity higher, which is the pivot point of the lever in standing up. It makes sense that if you keep moving the center of gravity higher and higher you’ll reach a point where the load attached to the arms causes the person simply to topple over.

  8. Is there a minimum or maximum distance required before the experiment is valid? The closer I put my feet toward the chair, the easier it gets. If I stand so far back that my torso is parallel to the floor, then, yeah, it’s a no-go. But if we’re talking any more obtuse of an angle, it isn’t really that tough. I feel a slight pull on the abs and a bit of a strain on the lower hamstrings, but that’s it. I must not be doing it right.

  9. In your job, CS, if you don’t have some significant upper body strength I worry about the safety of the people of your town.

  10. I have the same problem as CS, even after that pictures. When my husband and I stand far enough away, he can do it and I can’t. If we stand closer to the wall, we can BOTH do it really easily. Perhaps there is some distance at which I can do it and he can’t, but I haven’t found it yet.

  11. Ha, now we need a scientist to do a study to see if there are a lot of men who can do this or if Tiny Cat Pants just attracts those men or their spouses in high numbers.

  12. I can’t fucking stand up to save my life.

    Thank you for teaching this to me before my wife found out. Otherwise I am sure I would have lost a bet having to do with lots of housework.

  13. Ooo. I hadn’t considered how this could be used for evil! See, heterosexual men, you doubt my love for you, but here I’ve prevented your wives and girlfriends from tricking you into housework!

  14. i dont think men could follow the instructions lol im not sure maybe girls are just more flexible then guys??

  15. for those of you that dont know how far back to stand it is three of your foot lengths away from the wall

  16. also the males center of gravity is at the chest so they are top heavy and the females center of gravity is the hips so to stand up is not difficult although i found that it was difficult for me only because my your foot should be the exact same length as your forearm. my foot is longer, so for my head to be able to touch the wall i would have to reach my head forward causing my center of gravity, the hip, to be slightly in front of my feet … this would cause nearly the same problem for a male now that my center of gravity is in front of my feet i can not lift my torso as easily… i dont know if that makes much sence but i hope it helped

  17. i am definitely a women and finding it far to hard to do what you said. it is only easy when you are close but the more away you are from the chair the more impossible it becomes to do it!

  18. hahaha, the last 3 boys couldn’t do it? I’m a 16 year old GIRL and I had no problem, maybe I should bet some boys can’t do it and make some money :). And Anonymous above me.. girls aren’t just more flexible, they’re superior!

  19. ^ well put.. I’m 19 and I bet my 2 brothers(14 &16) they couldn’t do it. I made it look real easy and they BOTH couldn’t do it:) they were so embarrassed that they’re sister could beat both of them!:) ohhhhhhhhhh boysssss

  20. Girls= smarter
    Girls= more muscle
    Girls= can withstand more pain
    Girls= live longer
    Girls= superior

    Boys= have balls…
    Boys= no common sence

  21. Girls get pregnant and give birth and periods that’s a lot of pain men can’t do that infact men have it so easy in life its not fair

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