How To Perform the Chair Experiment

Not that you should sneak up behind a man attempting to do this and kick him in the butt.  Let’s just imagine our happy stick girl is doing a little victory dance.


3 thoughts on “How To Perform the Chair Experiment

  1. ah, ok, that makes sense. soon as i get home from work, i’ll have to try that.

    hmm… i also have an FTM transgendered friend… wonder how i’ll sneak this up on him without tipping the joke off…

  2. Wow. What fascinates me so much about this, chair experiment “comic?” – is the fact that anybody on earth not only found something amusing about it – but actually featured it on their site as content? Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t find anything offensive about the item; well, other than it offends reason how any person could find cleverness, humor, …. any meaning …. in this “chair experiment post.”

    Are you 6 years old perhaps? or, just 6 years smart?

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