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When your state ties its tax revenue to sales tax instead of income tax, your state will face financial hardship when folks curtail their spending.

And, when your state is facing financial hardship because people are spending less, this is, quite possibly, not the time you should be cutting jobs.  Don’t you need as many people as possible to be working and, you know, spending?

And why are we still having sales tax holidays?  We’re talking about cutting folks’ jobs and we’re still having sales tax holidays?

On top of that, the governor says we need to run the state like a business.  Well, shoot, we’re already seeing upper management continuing to live their spiffy high-on-the-hog lives, with their party bunkers and their posh wining and dining while workers lose their jobs.

That looks to me exactly like running the state like a business.

Listen, I know there’s not much to be done about the party bunker under the governor’s mansion at this point.  It’s not like stopping construction now is going to bring that money back.  And, lord knows I’m convinced that the Republicans in this state wake up every morning and flip a coin to decide whether they’re going to be dumbasses or evil today.

But they are right about this.

Putting in a multi-million dollar underground banquet hall while at the same time suggesting cutting state workers looks like you are out of touch.  It looks like you are a bunch of snobby, over-entitled assholes who are out of touch with the real hardships people are going through in this state.

You don’t deserve a nice place to wine and dine your friends while other people are going home to sparse tables.  You don’t deserve to use our money to make your jobs easier when you’re making it harder for us to keep our jobs.  You just don’t and shame on the Democrats for not seeing it.

Lucky for you, the Republicans continue to be idiots and they’re focusing on trying to make abortion double super secret illegal in the state and they haven’t yet found a way to spin the party bunker that doesn’t make them seem like petulant assholes.

But if they do?

If they start sending out press releases that read simply “Salary for laid off state employees–XX million dollars.  Democrats’ party bunker–XX million dollars.” or “Cuts to DFS–XX million dollars.  Democrats’ party bunker–XX million dollars.” folks, even folks like me, are going to find that very convincing, to put it mildly.


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  1. I completely agree about this stupid bunker. Heres the thing. If the State Republicans didn’t have such a careless person in charge of their communications, more of us might have pitched in with them to help shed light on this complete waste of money. Instead, they do their level best to alienate those of us who are willing to forgo Party allegiance when critical issues are before us. If you spend your time seeking political advantage on the backs of working immigrant families, and calling Muslims evil, well, its going to be a long, long road back trying to convince me that THIS time you got it right.

    Also, this Governor IS an elitist prick. Some think he’s a rising star in the Democratic Party. The horror.

  2. Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure y’all can just kick 150,000 disabled people to the curb as an unnecessary drain on society…oh wait, he already did that.

    And hey, it has been totally worth it to make 149,800 people suffer to catch those 200 welfare cheats. Good work, asshole.

  3. And let’s not forget that some of them died. But, hey, when you’re running the state like a business, it’s all just business, nothing personal.

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  5. We accidentally went shopping on the last sales tax holiday weekend. My husband got a bonus at work and we used it to get some stuff we’d been newanting (half wanting, half needing) for awhile.

    We spent $300.00 on clothes, books, Greenies, a new soap dish for the bathroom, some new towels and some more shelves for my side of the bed. (To put all the books that have been laying in stacks on the floor.) Everything was “on sale” for Sales Tax Holiday, but the actual Sales Tax Free items were a very small percentage of what we bought. In fact, we saved $4.85 on sales tax in total. I suck at Algebra so I can’t tell you exactly how much we spent on taxable items but it was less than fifty bucks.

    All of that anecdotal bull is in service of my explaination about why the State still has “Sales Tax Holiday” BS instead of just reworking its budget. Those STH weekends actually bring in MORE sales tax than they give away, because the list of exempt items is so small.

    As to the rest of it regarding the bunker, etc, of course you’re right.

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