As You Know

I am a giant baby and a superstitious fool and so I’m about to do something that make me anxious, but I’m not going to tell you what it is until after, because even though I think it’s going to go poorly, I don’t want my high hopes and enthusiasm to be the cause of it going poorly and so I’m trying not to jinx it.

No, it makes no sense, but keep your fingers crossed for me any way.

Edited to add: Nothing to say about the thing we’re not talking about.  I should hear something tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “As You Know

  1. I dreamed you won a cake walk last night and that the Professor and the Dog Yeller had baked all the cakes. So I hope you win a good cake…literally or not so literally.

  2. Could have called this one in my sleep.

    You keep saying banker….which kinda amuses me…since I doubt any local bank will encourage you, or, will have a single program that caters to people like you.

    Regardless, i am confident that this whole thing will work out as it should. Over-stretched builders are your ace in the whole.

  3. Do what you want without fear if possible.
    Fear, well, it sucks. But I also get it.
    Just do things that scare you and I believe you will feel pretty good.
    P.S. Mack adores you and just likes to yank your chain.

  4. Actually, Jim, it isn’t clear whether it’s tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you would read ahead, you would know these things.

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