The Tiny Cat Just Does Things Differently

The tiny cat no longer takes her meals on the table where the cat food is in a bowl.  She either goes to the dog’s bowl, bats some of that food on the ground, and eats it, or she does as she’s doing right now: she spends a good twenty minutes tugging and pulling and rustling and tugging and pulling until the cat food bag is arranged in such a way that she can comfortably sit in it and eat, hidden from view.

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat Just Does Things Differently

  1. I love this! I wish you could get a pic or video of her sitting in the bag and eating, but I know she’d move.

    Some of mine would do the same I’m sure if they could get to the food bags.

  2. Yeah, I don’t see how I could ever get that to work, because she would spook the minute I tried to get the bag open wide enough to see her in there, but it is pretty dang hilarious.

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