6 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: Advocate for Women?!

  1. Yes, NN. It is not wise to take at face value anything that comes from the grand poobah of infantile septic tank politics. A positive message that contains repeated use of the immature insult “Democrat (sic) Party”?

    I’m sorry, why am I bothering? It isn’t as though there’s anyone out there who’s stupid or low enough to give credence to that pill-popping, draft-dodging waste of flesh, is there?

  2. Whew, there was something funky there with your comment, CS. I think I fixed it.

    Nomen, no worries. I don’t at all think Limbaugh is making some reasonable argument. I just find it vertigo inducing that a man who’s built his whole public persona and career on his hatred of “feminazis” is now trying to turn around and argue that he’s some grand friend to women.

  3. only because supporting the Democratic underdog has become right-wing dogwhistle code for “sow dissension in the enemy camp” already. his regular listeners all know exactly what he really means.

  4. Is it Olberman who routinely calls him “comedian Rush Limbaugh”? I very much enjoyed that the first few times I heard it.

  5. NM, yep.

    Nomen, absolutely. And I think there’s a real vibe of “those broads are too stupid to see what I’m up to” which is charming as well.

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