Who Elected Me Issuer of TNGOP Talking Points?

Me on Monday:

On top of that, the governor says we need to run the state like a business.  Well, shoot, we’re already seeing upper management continuing to live their spiffy high-on-the-hog lives, with their party bunkers and their posh wining and dining while workers lose their jobs.

That looks to me exactly like running the state like a business.

Which was quoted by Tiny Pasture later that day.

And today?  Hobbs over at TNGOP issues a press release in which he quotes himself paraphrasing me:

“Upper management making out like bandits and getting lavish party facilities while the rank-and-file stand to lose everything. Gov. Bredesen promised voters he’d run Tennessee like a business. We didn’t know he meant Enron,” said Hobbs.

Well.  One would think the Republicans wouldn’t want to remind the voters about Enron, but whatever.

I asked myself if I thought I had been ripped off and my response was “Well, it is the obvious joke to make and I’m sure that Hobbs doesn’t read me.  On the other hand, he does read Tiny Pasture…” I interrupted myself, “Who is Tiny Pasture?”  “Kleinheider over at the Post.  I try not to call him by his immigrant name.”  “Oh, okay.  So, do you feel ripped off?”  “Nope.  I feel flattered.  Smooches, William Howard.  Here’s to hoping you come to incorporate other things I say into your world view.”