7 thoughts on “Help Me, My Brainy Readers!

  1. Epistolography. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Now I must have a book titled “The Erotic Philology of the Epistolography of Something or Other.”

  2. “… Euro-American Ecdysiasts.”

    I personally would not use ‘epistolography’ in a book title unless I intended it to be very obscure. I mean, I had to look it up.

  3. But what if you were trying to seduce a book nerd? Then, surely, you would run around saying epistolography, right?

    Or just me?

  4. I wouldn’t say it, I would whisper it. In my sexiest voice. But, see, I thought that I was a book nerd, and yet I had never encountered that word before today. And I have to admit that I can imagine whispering “epistolography … oh … epistolarity” into the ear of my potential seductee and having said potential seductee sort of jump and say ‘huh?” which would spoil the mood. But perhaps I’m simply not as confident in my powers of verbal seduction as I ought to be.

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