Songs About Places You Know

One thing that tickles me a great deal about living in Nashville is that it’s like a giant small town.  Eventually, you feel like you know someone who knows someone who knows the person you’ve just met and you start to realize that the folks at Wendy’s recognize your voice when you hit the drive-thru.

The other thing that tickles me is that I now live someplace that is also a part of the cultural imagination. I was listening to Steve Earle this morning and thinking “Hmm, I could drive down Lewis Street.”

Eh, I got nothing.  I’m the least fun girl when I’m stressed.

I’m distracted and blah.  Sarcastro dropped off a big bag of yarn from his mom this morning.  It’s beautiful.

That’s all I’ve got.

One thought on “Songs About Places You Know

  1. That’s one of my most favorite things! There are all kinds of songs about Nashville and songs about places that I go or have been. Love it. Love it.

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