So, I was looking for solid evidence that Teresa of Avila played the tambourine when I discovered this.

Is it wrong that I want to have art-induced hallucinations?

On the other hand, I have no desire to listen to music of the Romantic period, which just goes to show there’s only so far I’ll go for vision.

7 thoughts on “Swoon

  1. AH! I love Stendhal Syndrome. As a concept, I mean. I wrote a paper about it once after finding it by accident (I was looking up Nietzsche, I think, and he was a fan of Stendhal, and you know how it goes when you’re in Wikipedia.) And I blogged about it on my old blog here, and a few people weighed in on their emotional response to paintings if you’re interested.

    I was lucky enough to study in Italy two summers ago and spent not nearly enough time in Florence, where a great number of cases of Stendhal Syndrome have been reported. I even had a good look at that Caravaggio painting that the man named Franz (described on my blog) passed out in front of… it’s actually kind of small, and had a big glare on it from the window. I failed to be moved, but hey. I’m also not suppressing sexual desire for men. ; )

  2. I tell ya what, B. Go to the Prado, which has way too many paintings all next to each other on its walls, and go into one of the rooms devoted to the paintings of Bosch and his followers, and try to focus. I think a hallucination is practically guaranteed.

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