The Thing We’re not Talking About

The Gift Giver says:

One’s own house is best, though small it may be;
each man is master at home;
though he have but two goats and a bark-thatched hut
’tis better than craving a boon.

And I, my friends, am going to hang that in my house, when I find one, which I can, because I have “gorgeous credit” and I have been preapproved for a loan.  And I think I can do a little better than a bark-thatched hut.

16 thoughts on “The Thing We’re not Talking About

  1. Sweet.

    If your goats make cheese I will come and make crustless quiche (do y’all still eat quiche in Tennessee?). I have fabulous new recipes.

  2. It’s been a long day and I’m wiped, which is my excuse for why I teared up when I read that.


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