After a While, It’s Hard to Say Which is Which

After a while, the houses all start to run together.  The street names–Greenwood, Woodlawn, Greenland, Riverwood, Creekwood, Woodwood, Woodforest, Forestwood, Forestforest, Forestlawn, Lawndale, Dalewood, Woodgreen, Greenwood–all seem to come full circle after a while.  Did we drive down this street already?  Did we look at that house already?

If we bought that house, could we fix it with a coat of paint?  Is that house too close to Briley Parkway and the new Home Depot or will that be a selling point in the future?  Sure, we could walk to FUBAR from here but is it safe to walk to FUBAR from here?  Why is that house surrounded by a fence with barbed wire at the top pointing inwards?  Is tinfoil really a good substitute for blinds? If you’re living on a block with a $500,000 110 year old house on it, isn’t that house always the burglar magnet?

It’s frazzling, to put it mildly.  I’m waffling between being excited and being a little overwhelmed.

In other news, we finally have a new neighbor.  He seems nice, but also frazzled.  His cat ran away when he tried to put him in the house.  We tried to make him feel like there’s a chance the cat will be back.  I hope so anyway.  Losing your cat like that is rough.


One thought on “After a While, It’s Hard to Say Which is Which

  1. It’s easy to get worked up into a real estate lather, that’s for sure.

    You’re doing the right thing! Take your time shopping for the right place. It’s the best buyer’s market in a decade and that won’t change overnight. Accept that you’ll probably have to miss out on a few potential places before you get the one you were meant to have.

    Find a realtor you trust to serve as your advocate and then do a self assessment as to whether you are a restorer or not. RUABelle and I aren’t much for sweat equity. We took a year to find a house that we could just barely not afford and then made a jump at it. Over time, the payments got easier and the equity built up on it’s own.

    I can’t wait for the housewarming party!

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