Misheard Lyrics Better Than the Right Ones

Yesterday, we were driving around listening to this group the Butcher likes, which I have never heard of (he told me not to admit this to you, because, according to him, it will give you the impression that I have been living in a cave… Ooo, speaking of caves, I wonder if the old Demonbreun place is available?), My Morning Jacket and I thought we were listening to a song with the lyrics “Another Heartbreak for Breakfast” and I was like “Wow, that’s really powerful” but no, it was something else, not that great.

Which reminds me that when the Boston contingency was going to Graceland, I was reading up on Paul Simon’s lyrics to the applicable song and it turns out that it is “As if I didn’t know that, as if I didn’t know my own bed.”


I have, all these years, heard that as “As if I didn’t know that, as if I didn’t know my own heart,” which, clearly, you can see, is a million times better.

In fact, now that I think about that, you could probably combine those two snippets into a song that would make folks cry just to hear it.

7 thoughts on “Misheard Lyrics Better Than the Right Ones

  1. My favorite misheard lyric was from Prince’s “I would die 4 u.” After the title line, he says “Darling, if you want me to.” I always heard it as “stop me if you want me to,” which I thought was cleverly self-effacing.

    Some of us, if we don’t get our recommended daily allowance of irony, will simply invent it.

  2. I grew up with a girl who had trouble with the lyrics to Steve Winwood songs”

    “Bring me a higher love” became “Bake me a pie of love”

    “Roll with it baby” was “Bald-headed baby”

  3. Beth, I really want there to be a song about “Bake me a pie of love.”

    When that “Machine Head” song by Bush came out, I thought it was a song about child-birth and that he was reassuring the soon-to-be mother that the baby had a “mushing head” that would squeeze out okay.

  4. I should note that the girl I mentioned was a few fries short of a happy meal.

    “mushing head” makes more sense than Machine Head.

  5. Somebody misunderstood “what’s love got to with it what’s love but a second hand emotion” as “what’s love but a second hand in motion”

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