Length or Width?

Bob Tuke is walking across Tennessee.

To prove something. I’m unclear as to what, other than that he’s a dumbass.

We used to ask my Grandma A. to tell us about the good ole days and she would say “I had to go around every morning and collect everyone’s chamber pots and clean them out. It took us all day to cook dinner. And we had it good. You’ll never convince me that a world full of toilets and microwaves is somehow worse than when I grew up.”

I feel that way about Bob Tuke’s gambit. Rather than walking across Tennessee, why don’t you drive an hour, stop, and spend the time you would have spent walking actually talking and listening to folks and their concerns? Enjoy the technology previous generations of Tennesseans brought to us.

This just reminds me of what strikes me as not quite right about Tuke.  He’s a nice guy and he means well, but he just doesn’t quite get it, I don’t think.

Don’t try to gimmick me into believing that you’re some kind of regular joe.  Just be one.

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