3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! White Man Proud of Country!

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  2. We got this guy on the Knoxville message board that has been there about 8 or 9 years now that there’s constant discussion of whether or not it’s a conspiracy and he was really made up by several of the other longtime members. Because he is just SOOOO out there and ridiculous most of the time. I’ve often had the same reaction reading Hobbs that I do to this guy.

    (I was actually supposed to meet other guy recently and he was a no show – so now I’m part of the conspiracy supposedly – but his best friend told me so many details about this guy I guess he does exist. Tho it’s freaky to think so.)

  3. Is Nate the Pan-Galactic Blogger Blaster a real person? I’ve long assumed that he was just the alter-ego of someone who got bored and wanted to get people riled up.

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